Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Mikado | The New Theatre Cardiff

All through my teenage years I performed in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas and loved them so I was really excited when I saw two of their shows being shown at my local theatre in Cardiff. I booked myself a ticket to see the matinee performance of The Mikado. The show was put on by The National Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company who tour year round so I was expecting great things.

The last time I saw The Mikado was years ago at Symphony Hall in Birmingham but I was surprised by how many of the songs came back to me. I was so impressed by the part singing- the voices blended beautifully so that I couldn't always pick out each individual part but the overall sound was rich and complex. The combination of memorable music with comedic lyrics and choreography led me to really enjoy the performance. Richard Gauntlett as Ko-Ko was a highlight and made the audience howl with his physicalisation, and the song Here's a How-de-do (along with co-stars Robin Bailey and Claire Lees) was memorable for it's hilarious routine. Overall the show was a really high standard, from the music to the intricate costumes and colourful set. 

I really feel like Gilbert and Sullivan productions are dying out which is such a shame when high quality productions like this exist. Even if you've never seen an operetta before I would urge you to step out of your comfort zone and get a ticket for the show. It runs in Cardiff until Saturday (you can get tickets here) before the cast head off to Hastings and Blackpool (where they're also performing HMS Pinafore and The Gondoliers). I firmly believe that variety is what makes theatre great and we mustn't let classic shows such as these disappear so give it a go- you might find a new love! 

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