Tuesday, 15 August 2017

#EdFringe 2017 Round Up | Week 2

This week has been particularly busy in Edinburgh and I've seen a wide variety of shows. Here are my hits and misses for week 2!

Tamar Broadbent: Get Ugly at Underbelly Med Quad: Tamar's comedy show is a combination of stand-up and songs that was a pleasure to watch. The hour flew by as Tamar was witty and likeable and by the end of the performance it felt like we were all friends. If you want a giggle with a toe-tapping tune I'd really recommend this show.
4 Stars

Joy Donze: 13 and Not Pregnant at Greenside Infirmary Street: Joy Donze's script is the diary she kept when she was 13 years old and features boys, puberty and periods. Interspersed with 90s music, the show was amusing and cringe-worthy. While it wasn't particularly revolutionary or thrilling, the show was short but sweet so if you have a gap in your schedule I'm sure you'd have a laugh.
3 Stars

Kara Sevda at Greenside Infirmary Street: This is a short play set in a train station during the apocalypse in the not-too-distant future. There are only two characters and throughout the play we learn a bit about their backstory but honestly its not the most thrilling play I've ever seen. I was expecting the story to develop a little more and I found the ending underwhelming. That said, I do know people who really loved the show and it certainly wasn't unpleasant to watch - it just wasn't what I was expecting.
3 Stars

Leaf at Greenside Infirmary Street: Described as Monty Python meets The Mighty Boosh, Leaf sits somewhere between a play and a sketch show and is so good I've seen it twice. If you enjoy silly, stupid comedy then this is the show for you. I was laughing from start to finish and would highly recommend it if you like absurd comedy.
5 Stars

Improvabunga! at TheSpace on Niddry Street: If you're a long-time reader of my blog you might remember that Improvabunga! was one of the few shows I saw at last years fringe (you can see my review of that performance here) and, as I enjoyed it and it is very reasonably priced, I decided to go again. The premise is the same: a completely improvised movie-inspired show based on the audiences suggestions. I saw a western epic which had some really interesting plot twists and was really entertaining. If you want to see good improv on a budget then this is one to watch.
4 Stars

Half Breed at Assembly George Square: This is definitely the favourite of the shows I've seen so far this fringe. Half Breed is a one-woman show about being mixed race and the struggles she has faced throughout her life. Actress Natasha Marshall uses a variety of voices and varying physicality to portray a range of characters throughout the one hour piece and seamless switches between them. The script had a poetic feel to it and flowed beautifully. I was incredibly moved by the piece and urge everyone to experience this important story.
5 Stars

Swan Bake at C Royale: This is one of the weirder shows I've seen in my time. It takes part in a tiny venue and tells the story of a ballet dancing drug addict (among other characters) using music, physicality and puppetry. I think in places they had a good production but a lot of their jokes didn't land - the audience seemed a bit uncomfortable at times - and honestly after days of thinking about it I still can't grasp what the overarching message was.
2 Stars

Cognitions at Greenside Infirmary Street: Cognitions is a show about a mother-daughter relationship but with a twist - the mother is suffering with severe bipolar disorder. As well as those two characters on stage, we also have 3 actresses who don't speak but use movement to represent, what I think was, the inner workings of the mothers brain. The acting in this piece was very good but I think too much time was spent on physicality and not enough time developing the story.
3 Stars

Wombmates at Greenside Infirmary Street: This show is fast-paced, slick and silly. The two actors are imagining what it is like to be babies in a womb in a show packed full of jokes, music and physical comedy. It's not particularly revolutionary or profound but it was definitely a good laugh.
3 Stars

Cold Fronts and Hot Flushes: The Short Stories of Kevin Spacey at Greenside Infirmary Street: I really don't know what to say about this play other than I really didn't understand it. Two actors tell a variety of short stories, loosely strung together with some plot lines in between but if I'm honest I didn't find it particularly funny and for me personally the 55 minutes really dragged.
1 Star

Kate Butch in Kate If You Wanna Go Butcher at Laughing Horse: Kate Butch is a drag queen with heaps of talent. Her show was free but I would definitely have paid to see it. She used stand-up, songs and a powerpoint presentation to show off her goofy personality so I'd really recommend checking her out if you've got a free evening.
4 Stars


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