Saturday, 25 July 2015

Wicked | Closing Night | The Lowry Theatre

On Saturday night I was super excited to head up to Salford to see the final night of the Wicked UK Tour. I've seen Wicked twice before- once in London many years ago and last year when the tour came to Birmingham- so I'm a big fan of the show and know if practically inside out. However last time I saw the tour, I saw almost a completely different principal cast (alternate Glinda Carina Gillespie and Nikki Davis-Jones as Elphaba) but Emily Tierney aa Glinda and Ashleigh Gray as Elphaba blew me away. Having never been to The Lowry theatre before, booking seats was a bit of a guessing game. I chose row C in the Grand Circle which were actually really great seats as we had a view of the whole stage, no restricted view at all.

The show itself is pretty well known so I won't really go into detail but I just wanted to share with you some of my highlights. Emily Tierney as Glinda was so full of life and fun where she needed to be, but she also really delivered the emotion, particularly in 'I Couldn't Be Happier'. As this was the final show, Ashleigh as Elphaba went crazy with her riffs in all her big songs and her 'No Good Deed' was genuinely one of the best I've heard with really unusual riffs which surprised me in all the right ways. All the cast just really went for it and the audience was so responsive, making it such a great atmosphere and I really felt lucky to have been part of such a special show. At the curtain call, Emily said a few words, flowers were then handed out while the executive producer made a speech. Being such a big Wicked fan I just felt so connected to the show and I really couldn't control my emotions. I sobbed through 'For Good', as did Glinda and Elphaba who could hardly sing the final phrase.

Although the tour has now come to an end, it's been a great two years and it's really brought the show to the masses. If you still haven't seen it, get yourselves down to the Apollo Victoria in London as it really is a spectacle.


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